'DREAMBOAT' Acrylic on wood (2024)


- 'LOVESTRUCK' Acrylic on Wood

- Original Aretha Brown artwork. One of one.

- 95-inch x 47.5-inch (which combine to make a complete artwork size of 95x95-inch) or 2.4M X 2.4M.

- Signed by the artist.

- Currently housed safely at TCB Gallery Brunswick.

- This work was part of a larger fundraiser project for the Gumbaynggirr Giingana Freedom School.

Artist Statement
This work discusses multiple political ideas regarding the nature of Bla(c)k womanhood here in Australia. Why is everything that young girls like seen as tacky, distasteful and less intelligent? Why is everything loud, colorful, womanly, queer, ethnic, and black seen as tacky or kitschy? Why is most Aboriginal art expected to be deprived of humor and comedy? These questions become the basis to which this work was made. It's about joy, lightness of spirit, queer love and pride.

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